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Omagh District Guide

My Omagh

My Omagh aims to be a one stop shop for everything in the Omagh Area. Here you can find everything from local businesses and special offers to where and what to do at the weekend. If it is located or happening in the Omagh area you will find it here on My Omagh.

Omagh Area

Omagh is a bustling town situated in the heart of Tyrone offering plenty for everyone to do.

As well as its fantastic tourist attractions and buzzing night-life Omagh is also perfect for any recreational shopper.

Located where the Camowen and Drumragh rivers come together to form the Strule, the town is said to owe its origins to an abbey founded in 792 AD. Following a long, and sometimes turbulent history, Omagh is now a recognised place of importance and influence as a major administrative and service centre for the region.

If there is any thing you want to know about Omagh you will find it here on My Omagh, and if you can't just drop us an email and we will be pleased to help.